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Software Description: Macrorit Disk Scanner v4.3.0 Unlimited Edition Crack

Macrorit Disk Scanner is a smart bad sectorscanning software that can help you quickly test the disk and markthe location of bad sectors. Hard disk “bad sectors” is the mostcommon problems of the hard disk. Bad sectors are little clustersof data on your hard disk that cannot be read. Hard disks with badsectors means the disk is not safe to store data; it willeventually lead to the important data loss of the hard disk orpartition as well as errors with running files and the hard diskspeed will slow down significantly and blue screen errors may alsooccurs.

The ultimate solution for multiple disks scanning, Scanner Scansall disks at the same time
– Scan All Disks at the Same Time
– Allow for commercial use
– Log report for all Disks

Installer Size: 8.8 MB

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