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NIUBI Partition Editor Professional v7.0.7 / Server Edition v7.0.7 x64 Crack


Software Description: NIUBI Partition Editor Technician Edition v7.1.0 / Professional v7.0.7 / Server Edition v7.0.7 x64 + Crack

Magic Partition Software for Windows PC. System C drive becomesfull and no free space to install Updates or applications? Don’tworry, NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Editionhelps you solve this problem easily. Better than other utilities,this magic partition manager software integrated unique Roll-Backdata protection technology, which is able to automatically rollback computer to the status before resizing in ONE second, if anysoftware error or hardware issue occurred, so you don’t need toworry about data safety. Optimized file-moving algorithm helpsresize partition at least 30% faster than ANY other tools.

Working similarly with but much powerful than Partition Magic. Thispartition manger software supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition is not only a partitionresizer, but also an All-in-One toolkit. It helps copy partition tomigrate data, create, delete, format, hide, active, defrag, convertpartition and much more to better manage disk partitions andimprove system performance.

What’s it all about and what it can do for you
Just like most other comprehensive disk management tools out there,it too can help you resize, create, hide, format, move, rename,delete and performs a wide array of other operations on yourcomputer’s partitions, mostly without forcing you to reboot yourPC.

Additionally, it’s also capable of migrating data and changing thepartitions’ statuses between Logical and Primary without requiringanything more than a few mouse clicks on your part. What’s more, itcan just as easily convert NTFS drives to FAT32 and vice-versa.

Other noteworthy features include the app’s Virtual mode thatallows you to avoid potentially catastrophic disk managementmistakes (meaning you can redo your steps before proceeding forthwith the changes). It also comes with support for multiple storageoptions such as internal and external hard disk drives (Hyper-V,VMware virtual disk, all types of Hardware RAID).

A few insights regarding its installation and user interface and,more importantly, the paid editions
We’re happy to report that NIUBI Partition Editor is just asuser-friendly and as widely-accessible like most similar solutionsof this sort, even though, you may have preferred it in a tad bitmore stylish package.

Installation is simple when it comes to all its versions, and therearen’t that many changes regarding overall user experience betweenthe tiers. Since we’re on the subject, we would like to point outthat, unsurprisingly, some advanced features are only availablethrough the paid versions.

For instance, by opting for one of the paid versions, you’reprovided with the useful RollBack data protection feature, as wellas with the possibility of creating all sorts of bootable media.There’s also a Server Edition that, as its name suggests, bringsforth all the advantages of the Professional edition with the addedbonus of being capable of running on Server editions of Windows.More information about the product’s editions can be foundhere.

Comprehensive disk management tool that’s well worth yourattention, even though it’s not all that different from thecompetition
To conclude, NIUBI Partition Editor is an all-in-one diskmanagement solution that boasts enough useful and advancedfeatures, available through various editions, that should come inhandy to both day-to-day and professional users.

Installer Size: 12.8 + 13.2 + 13 MB

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