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Q-Dir v7.01 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Q-Dir v6.81 x86/x64 Crack Serial

Windows Explorer is undoubtedly an old-school application andalthough many users still rely on it, one way or another it iscontinuously losing ground in favor of more advanced filemanagers.

Q-Dir is one of those alternatives, as thisapplication has been specifically developed to serve as areplacement for the default Windows file management utility. Thistool allows users to browse up to four locations in the sametime.

Its interface is extremely simple and intuitive and although ithas the same context menus as Windows Explorer, it’s stillimpressively easy to work with multiple files. Dragging anddropping from one window to another allows you to copy a file in asecond.

Q-Dir also supports tabbed browsing, which means one of the panelscan open multiple folders at the same time and organize them intabs, in the same way Internet browsers do with webpages. Plus, ithas several extras, thus allowing you to customize the applicationa little bit, especially when it comes to layout and the way itlooks.

Speaking of customization, Q-Dir comes with a rich settings menu,with numerous options regarding the colors, the navigation and theinside views. The extensive configuration options allow you toadjust in great detail the way in which the software operates.

Just as expected, Q-Dir runs pretty smoothly and won’t stress theCPU or the RAM, so it can easily work on older computers too. Agreat thing about it that it has a ‘Portable installation’ modethat makes is suitable for an USB flash drive so you can use itwherever you go.

All in all, Q-Dir is a nice replacement for the popular WindowsExplorer, so if you’re looking into ways to increase productivity,this might be one of the easiest path to achieve your goal.

Here are some key features of “Q-Dir”:
– Favorites: Quick access to most often used folders.
– Drag&Drop: Move files by dragging in Q-views, and otherprograms such as MS Explorer.
– Clipboard: Copy/ Paste between the Q-Dir directory views, andother programs such as MS Explorer.
– Folder-Type: ZIP-, FTP-,cabinet-,network-, system – folders,shortcuts …
– Views: Large icons, tiles, list, detail, thumbnail (Vista: extralarge symbols) .
– Export: to XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML.
– Popup Menus: Desktop, My Computer.
– Screen magnifier: anything on the screen can be enlarged.
– Color Filter: Different colors for different item types (e.g.*.log;*.txt).
– Highlight-Filter: Effective way for fast items highlighting.
– File-Filter: Allows for quick and easy filtering of theitems.
– Columns: All columns support, and save function .
– Quick-Link’s: For fast folder access.
– Folder-Select: Fast & flexible folder selection address-bar/desktop menu/ my-computer menu/…
– Multi-INI: Several INI files for Q-Dir.
– Tree-View: Simple and quadruple.
– Preview: Allows a quick preview

Installer Size: 0.471 + 0.772 MB

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