Sun. Feb 5th, 2023
WinAutomation Professional Plus v7.0.2.4695 Crack


Software Description: WinAutomation Professional Plus v7.0.2.4695 Full Crack

If you use the computer as your main tool to perform yourday-to-day activities, surely you come across routines that involverunning the same apps each time you start working. Luckily,developers came up with various specialized applications likeWinAutomation that give you the possibility torecord an action and trigger it with minimum effort.

WinAutomation is the most advanced Windows Automation app,featuring a Macro Recorder and a Web Recorder. With WinAutomationyou can teach your computer to perform your repetitive tasksautomatically

Some of the tasks you can automate withWinAutomation:
– Automatically fill and submit web forms with data from localfiles.
– Harvest web sites and extract data from any web page into Excelor text files.
– Send prerecorded mouse clicks and keystrokes to any desktopapplication.
– Retrieve and parse your emails and update a database with thedata contained in the emails.
– Copy, move, edit, rename, compress, uncompress and manipulatefiles and folders in any possible way.
– Automate your FTP transfers: Download and upload files or entirefolders at schedule.
– Launch applications, move, resize, close and manipulate windows,take screenshots.
– Read and write data to Excel files, connect to SQL databases andmanipulate text files.
– Include logic to automate even the most complex tasks.
– Convert your tasks into your very own applications that you canshare with others, with the press of a button.
– Run any task using the built-in scheduler, when you press ahotkey, when a file is created or deleted, when your site is downor when you receive an email.
– Combine all the above to design custom tasks for your specificneeds.

Installer Size: 158 MB

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