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HttpMaster v3.9.0 Crack


Software Description: HttpMaster v3.9.6 Keygen Crack

HttpMaster is a useful application for the webdevelopers who need to automate the web applications testing byrequesting multiple resources from a specified website It’s onlynatural for professional web developers to need advanced testingtools for their applications, whether we are talking about awebsite or a web-based application. With a feature-rich featureset, HttpMaster Professional Edition aims to meet the requirementsof many as far as application testing is concerned.

HttpMaster project
When working with HttpMaster, you will most of the time manageHttpMaster project properties and properties of the request itemscontained inside the project. Project properties offer globaloptions to customize internet requests that will be executed;changes to this properties affect all project request items.HttpMaster project can be saved to disk as a file with ‘hmpr’extension for later reuse. Project file is stored internally in XMLformat.

Broad set of http properties
HttpMaster project contains a lot of options which can be used tofine-tune generated http requests. These include request encoding,global URL and query string, global http request headers, andcouple of advanced properties like URL encoding and ability tocompletely disable execution data storing which can be useful ifyou want executions to be completed as fast as possible withoutcollecting any data.

In project properties you can also define parameters of differentdata types and different generation types. Parameters enable you toinclude dynamic data with the request items; this can be useful togenerate multiple requests based on the parameter data or to createglobal reusable values.
All defined parameters can be used with request item properties,for example, with URL of the request item.

Response data validation
By default HttpMaster validates each executed request with defaultsystem validation. Default system validation monitors returned httpstatus codes and determines execution result according to thisstatus code. However, you can define custom validations in projectproperties and then use this project validations to define customvalidation logical expression for each request item. There aredifferent types of custom validations available; majority of themperform some validation on the response body.

Request chaining
HttpMaster project enables you to define chaining items ofdifferent types which can then be used in request items to includesome data from the previous request with the next request. You canuse these project chaining items in request item properties, forexample, inside request item URL. This will dynamically insert datafrom the previous request in places where chaining is used. In sucha way, you can create a chain of requests where each request willuse some data from the previous request.

Extensive data upload support
Various data properties can be specified when creating requestitem, including http method, URL address, and more. HttpMaster alsohas a rich support for data upload; it enables you to post plaintext data, contents of particular file, or multipart form datawhich can include mix of plain text data and disk files. Requestbody data for upload can also be automatically built from anexisting HTML content obtained from some internet address (URL) ordisk file.

Request data builder
If you have to test particular website with various options ofinput data, you can build request body from an existing HTMLcontent obtained from URL or disk file. HttpMaster will detect allHTML input elements inside FORM tags and will display them in thelist where you will be able to include them in the request body.For all HTML elements with multiple options (for example, radiobuttons or SELECT elements), HttpMaster will obtain all possiblevalues from HTML content and will enable you to automaticallycreate multi-value parameter with obtained data values.

Request item execution
HttpMaster offers powerful execution capabilities and allows you toexecute only opened request item, only selected request items, orall project request items. It is also possible to create executiongroups and execute only request items that are part of theparticular execution group.
During the execution process you can monitor executions progressand status of each request item. HttpMaster also allows completeexecution data to be saved to external file with ‘hmex’ extension.You can reopen this file anytime later to review executiondata.

Execution groups and conditional execution
Selecting the same set of request items for execution again andagain can become a tedious and time-consuming tasks. If you have toexecute the same request items many times, try execution groups.Execution groups are powerful feature for simplified execution ofmultiple request items and allow you to specify custom executionorder for every request item contained in the group.
Execution groups also support conditional execution of requestitems based on the execution result of some other request item inthe same group. For example, you can specify to execute certainrequest item only if some other request item was successfullyexecuted.

Comprehensive data review
Once the execution of particular request item is completed, you canopen and view its execution results. Various execution data isavailable for review, including http headers, cookies, responsedata, size, duration, etc.
HttpMaster also features several pretty viewers for user-friendlydisplay of response data, including XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and more.Majority of pretty viewers support code folding forexpanding/collapsing selected code sections.
Response data can be further manipulated, for example, exportresponse body to an external file, search data for particularphrase, create PDF report, and more.

Additional tools
HttpMaster also offers some additional tools, for example, ad hochttp request tool. If you need to quickly execute a simple httprequest, creating project and request item might not be the bestoption. In such situations, you can use this ad hoc request toolwhich also supports complete execution data review and management.You can also utilize command line interface to automate executionof HttpMaster projects. Command line execution results are storedin special files which can be opened in HttpMaster for completeexecution data review.

Here are some key features of “HttpMaster”:
– Store complete definition of request items (e.g. API calls) andother project data in one single place
– Define http headers, URL encoding, and more to customize andfine-tune http requests
– Simulate variations of input data or create global values forreuse across multiple API calls
– Create validations (is valid JSON/XML, body matches value/regex,response time range, etc.) and use them in logical expressions.
– Define request chaining to use data from previous request(response body, URL, header value, etc.) with the next request
– Upload request data of various content types, including’multipart/form-data’
– Parse existing HTML content to create request body and parametersfor testing website forms
– Execute selected request items with detailed progress monitoringand tools for pausing, cancelling, and more
– Add request items to the execution group and optionally specifyconditional execution of contained request items
– View complete execution data with pretty data viewers and furthermanage response data (save to a file, PDF export, etc.)
– Use basic request tool for ad hoc execution of http requests orutilize command line interface for HttpMaster projectautomation

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